Clunes Community Preschool

Clunes Community Preschool is a community managed, not for profit preschool providing high quality education and care in the Northern Rivers. We are open Tuesday to Friday from 8.30am – 4pm during the NSW school term.

Our team of engaged, highly qualified and experienced early childhood educators provide a supportive environment for children to learn and grow. We cater to children between the ages of 3 and 5 years with our play-based preschool program.

Our Preschool Program

Clunes Preschool Exceeding National Quality Standard

At Clunes Preschool we focus on learning through play, encouraging a broad range of skills such as curiosity, concentration, coordination and collaboration. Our play-based curriculum is inclusive and considers the individual needs and interests of the children. It is aligned with the National Quality Framework and our preschool has been rated as Exceeding the National Quality Standard.


Every day our children are encouraged to experience and interact with the natural world through outdoor activities and active social play.  Our program stimulates imagination and engages children with music, movement, arts, literacy and numeracy, science, cooking, gross motor and fine motor skills.

We value family participation at the preschool and invite parents and carers to share knowledge and be involved in a range of activities at the centre.


Our Philosophy of Early Childhood Education and Care

We believe:

  • Children are capable, active participants in their own learning.
  • That every child is capable of success.
  • The physical and social environment in which a child lives and learns has a critical impact on the child’s learning.
  • Contact with the natural world is essential to every child’s wellbeing.
  • Emotional wellbeing and social competence are important foundations for health and learning throughout a child‘s life.
  • Children learn through play, participating in self-care and interactions with a range of people.
  • Positive relationships are key to providing quality early education and care.
  • Family and the greater community are important influences for children.
  • Families, as children’s first and most influential teachers, play a critical role in children’s learning and wellbeing.
  • That there are many different ways of living, being and knowing.
  • That early childhood educators must be engaged, passionate and active participants in learning alongside children.
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Clunes Preschool

Clunes Preschool is a great place for children aged 3 to 5 to play and develop. Our high quality program of learning, and spacious and challenging outdoor space provide wonderful opportunities for children to grow and learn. We believe in the potential of education, and are the only preschool that employs all University educated early childhood teachers.
Clunes Preschool
Clunes Preschool shared their event.Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 at 3:31pm
Please join us for our AGM - Thursday 15th March at 6pm at the preschool. All family and community members are welcome to join our committee.
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Clunes Preschool
Clunes PreschoolTuesday, March 6th, 2018 at 8:43am
Thank you to Lismore City Council for fixing their drainage problems and repairing our garden. We promise to take good care of it! If you walk to preschool via the park, please go a little further around the garden, not through it, so our plants stay healthy and strong 🌿
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Clunes Preschool
Clunes PreschoolMonday, March 5th, 2018 at 11:13am
New research that shows that back and forth conversations make a difference in brain development and language acquisition:

“The important thing is not just to talk TO your child, but to talk with your child. It's not just about dumping language into your child's brain, but to actually carry on a conversation with them.”
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Clunes Preschool
Clunes PreschoolFriday, March 2nd, 2018 at 7:34pm
We received these great new toys today purchased through the Woolies Earn and Learn program. Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, teachers and neighbours who collected 12720 stickers last year as part of this promotion. We can’t wait to break these out next week!
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Clunes Preschool
Clunes Preschool shared Northern Rivers Preschool Alliance's post.Friday, February 23rd, 2018 at 8:54pm
We know that preschool is great for children’s learning and development. 2 years of preschool is even better. Let’s call on the government to subsidise preschool for our 3 year olds too.
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Clunes Preschool
Clunes PreschoolFriday, February 23rd, 2018 at 7:36am
A great summary of our approach here at preschool:
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Such a lovely preschool run by lovely women. Thank you for making Tylana’s home away from home somewhere where she is loved and cared for. Highly recommend for your little darlings.
Sulmae Keane
All three of our children have attended this top rate service and all have loved their time. The teachers go above and beyond to provide an interesting, fun, educational and child focused program. The teachers have a true love for their roles and the preschool and it shows in their interaction and activities they provide. I truly cannot rate this service high enough, we will all miss their dedication and smiling faces as our last child transitions to primary school.
Anne Hosking
We were so fortunate to find Clunes Preschool. The staff are highly trained, caring and patient with the children and the program was incredible - art, music, science - and so much more. The grounds are wonderfully landscaped, perfect for safe exploration and adventure! Ours kids loved it so much that when we would arrive to collect them they would say, "Not yet Mum!"
Sally Schofield
My now 9 year old daughter attended Clunes Preschool and we found it to be a loving and caring environment for her. She was very anxious about starting pre-school and we had two false starts at long day care, then finally settled on Clunes. I cannot recommend the caring and considerate staff and their program highly enough.
Sarah Fisher
I had three chrildren attend Clunes Pre-school. They all thrived in this caring, nurturing, positive environment. One of my children had a significant disability which was embraced and accommodated within the school structures. Our whole family was supported through a very difficult period by the wonderful compassionate staff at this service. I cannot speak highly enough about this centre.
Cathie Mitchell

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