Education and care for preschool children in Clunes

Clunes Community Preschool has provided early childhood education and childcare to the local Northern Rivers community for close to 30 years. We understand that each child is unique and we strive to create a welcoming, inclusive and secure place for children to play, create and be challenged. Our program encourages children to connect with the natural world and our centre is embraced by nature.

Bordered by tall native trees, our centre features gentle landscaping that encourages exploration of the natural environment and active social play. Children learn to care for and be responsible for not only their own personal belongings, but their environment too. We practice waste sorting and recycling with the children; our organic scraps are fed to the resident chickens.

Our indoor playroom can also be a place of busy activity such as block play or movement. At other times it is a calm haven with puzzles, art media, literacy activities and music.

Our program emphasises physical and emotional wellbeing through nutrition and physical education, relaxation and mindfulness, and opportunities for rest each day.

Clunes Preschool and the National Quality Framework

From the 1st January 2012, Clunes Community Preschool and all other children’s services, childcare centres, preschools and daycares in Australia began to operate under the Education and Care Services National Regulations. This is the legislation under which care and education services must operate. It includes the National Quality Standard (the assessment and rating system that ensures all services meet an acceptable level of quality). You can read more about the National Quality Framework here

Implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia is also mandatory under these Regulations. The Early Years Learning Framework informs the staff as they develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognises that children learn through their play. The Framework focuses on your child’s learning. It asks us to work with you in order to get to know your child well, create a learning program that builds on your child’s interests and abilities, and keep you in touch with your child’s progress.

Through the Framework’s five learning goals, we will assist your child to develop:

  • a strong sense of their identity
  • connections with their world
  • a strong sense of wellbeing
  • confidence and involvement in their learning; and
  • effective communication skills.

When the educators observe your child at preschool, we are looking to see if he or she is making progress in these areas of development. We encourage families to talk to the educators about their child’s learning and progress.

Our preschool is part of Preschools NSW, the Northern Rivers Preschool Alliance, the Northern Villages Rural Preschools, and Early Childhood Australia. Find out more about what preschool is and what it can offer your child at Preschools NSW (

Such a lovely preschool run by lovely women. Thank you for making Tylana’s home away from home somewhere where she is loved and cared for. Highly recommend for your little darlings.
Sulmae Keane
All three of our children have attended this top rate service and all have loved their time. The teachers go above and beyond to provide an interesting, fun, educational and child focused program. The teachers have a true love for their roles and the preschool and it shows in their interaction and activities they provide. I truly cannot rate this service high enough, we will all miss their dedication and smiling faces as our last child transitions to primary school.
Anne Hosking
We were so fortunate to find Clunes Preschool. The staff are highly trained, caring and patient with the children and the program was incredible - art, music, science - and so much more. The grounds are wonderfully landscaped, perfect for safe exploration and adventure! Ours kids loved it so much that when we would arrive to collect them they would say, "Not yet Mum!"
Sally Schofield
My now 9 year old daughter attended Clunes Preschool and we found it to be a loving and caring environment for her. She was very anxious about starting pre-school and we had two false starts at long day care, then finally settled on Clunes. I cannot recommend the caring and considerate staff and their program highly enough.
Sarah Fisher
I had three chrildren attend Clunes Pre-school. They all thrived in this caring, nurturing, positive environment. One of my children had a significant disability which was embraced and accommodated within the school structures. Our whole family was supported through a very difficult period by the wonderful compassionate staff at this service. I cannot speak highly enough about this centre.
Cathie Mitchell