Highly qualified early childhood educators.

At Clunes Community Preschool, we believe that high quality staff deliver high quality early childhood education. We pride ourselves on our high ratios of qualified staff to children. Our team of enthusiastic and passionate educators work together to create a place where children are nurtured and stimulated to develop a lifelong love of learning.

Melinda Gambley Clunes Preschool early childhood educator

Melinda Gambley

Melinda has a passion for lifelong learning and holds Diploma of Teaching, Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Master of Education (Special Ed.). Melinda is a committed advocate for early childhood education and is interested in ensuring that all children access high quality preschool programs. Her background in early intervention allows her to support children with diverse abilities and needs. She is particularly interested in supporting childrens’ emotional wellbeing. A music lover, Melinda encourages music and movement as part of each child’s day. She is the Director of Clunes Community Preschool and has been at the centre for 14 years.

Skye Lawrence Clunes Preschool educator

Skye Lawrence

A dedicated and enthusiastic early childhood educator, Skye holds a Bachelor of Teaching (Birth to 5 years). She has a good understanding of children’s emerging literacy and works to ensure that the children have access to appropriate experiences in this area. Skye is interested in the arts as a medium for children’s communication and enjoys planning engaging creative experiences for the children. She is a great cook and regularly plans cooking and tasting activities as part of our maths and health programs. Skye has been a part of the team since 2000 and her own children also attended the preschool.

Norah Sainsbury Clunes Preschool educator

Norah Sainsbury

Norah holds a Bachelor of Education (Birth to 5 years) and has worked with children for over 20 years in both Family Day Care and Preschools. She is an animal lover and regularly brings her own animals in so the children get to observe them closely. She encourages the children to explore the beautiful natural setting at preschool and the animals and plants within it. She is also interested in providing safe but challenging physical experiences for the children. Norah joined the preschool in 2012.

Kate Behan Clunes Community Preschool staff

Kate Behan

Kate recently graduated with a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). She loves gardening and has worked with the children to grow our own food plants. She also looks after our chooks and works to embed sustainability into our everyday program. Kate is interested in play as a way of building children’s social competence and supports the children to develop in this area. She has worked here at the preschool for four years.

The role of staff at Clunes Community Preschool:

  • to ensure children are safe and healthy at preschool
  • to support children to try new experiences and develop new skills and ideas, while continuing to practise those already learned
  • to introduce new skills and concepts when appropriate to each child’s stage of development
  • to observe children carefully in order to plan learning experiences that support each child’s developing interests and to ensure each child’s development is not inhibited or delayed
  • to support families to care for their children and communicate with families about their child’s learning and growth

Clunes Preschool Management Committee

The Clunes Preschool Management Committee works in conjunction with the Director of the Preschool to achieve the best possible learning environment for the children.

The Management Committee is responsible for ensuring that the preschool is financially viable, meeting the legal requirements, providing a supportive working environment for staff, and building strong links with the local community.

The Management Committee is made up of parents and community members. We encourage all families to be involved in the management of the preschool and invite you to become a member of the Management Committee.

Such a lovely preschool run by lovely women. Thank you for making Tylana’s home away from home somewhere where she is loved and cared for. Highly recommend for your little darlings.
Sulmae Keane
All three of our children have attended this top rate service and all have loved their time. The teachers go above and beyond to provide an interesting, fun, educational and child focused program. The teachers have a true love for their roles and the preschool and it shows in their interaction and activities they provide. I truly cannot rate this service high enough, we will all miss their dedication and smiling faces as our last child transitions to primary school.
Anne Hosking
We were so fortunate to find Clunes Preschool. The staff are highly trained, caring and patient with the children and the program was incredible - art, music, science - and so much more. The grounds are wonderfully landscaped, perfect for safe exploration and adventure! Ours kids loved it so much that when we would arrive to collect them they would say, "Not yet Mum!"
Sally Schofield
My now 9 year old daughter attended Clunes Preschool and we found it to be a loving and caring environment for her. She was very anxious about starting pre-school and we had two false starts at long day care, then finally settled on Clunes. I cannot recommend the caring and considerate staff and their program highly enough.
Sarah Fisher
I had three chrildren attend Clunes Pre-school. They all thrived in this caring, nurturing, positive environment. One of my children had a significant disability which was embraced and accommodated within the school structures. Our whole family was supported through a very difficult period by the wonderful compassionate staff at this service. I cannot speak highly enough about this centre.
Cathie Mitchell